What happens when you set out to build an electric motorcycle using a pile of mountain bike parts? You get the SEM Adventure, a lightweight 4 kW electric bike with functional pedals designed to do things that neither electric bicycles nor dirt bikes should be able to do.

A deceptively small 4 kW mid-drive motor is mounted just above the bottom bracket. When paired with a 120 A controller and a 52 V battery, that motor is actually pulling just north of 6 kW peak. There’s also an ECO mode that drops the power draw down to a mild-mannered 2 kW.

With a battery packing just under 1 kWh of capacity, the SEM Adventure boasts a range of around 50 km (31 mi). That might not sound like much, but that 50 km rating is with an elevation climb of 1.5 km (1 mi). Riders should get even better range on flat ground. Plus that 4 kW motor is no joke. At full power, it has the potential to decimate that battery capacity quickly.

Of course, the lightweight design of the SEM Adventure certainly helps with the climbing as well. The entire bike weighs in at just 28.5 kg (63 lb). That’s lightweight for a decently powerful electric bicycle, not to mention an electric motorcycle. The SEM Adventure doesn’t come cheap. It’s priced at €7,380.

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