Backfire has announced that it will be launching it’s newest addition to the backfire family via community funding on Indiegogo. Like Evolve and Boosted, Backfire is following the trend in creating a competitor for the Riptide. 

Backfire is targeting commuters, promising to make routine boring trips a little more challenging and fun. “These days, probably the most boring thing in you life, is your daily commute… Mainly stuck in rush hour traffic… Today, that’s all about to change… today, we proudly introduce a new way to explore your future… The Backfire Mini”

The Mini will be offering a replaceable battery, that can be accessed via the top of the deck. Range will be an estimated 15 to 18 kilometers depending on the driver’s weight and riding style.

Backfire shared the following specs. The Backfire mini will launch on Indiegogo on October 25, 2019.

  • Deep concave and double kick Carbon Fiber Deck
  • Top Speed: 42KM/h / 26MPH
  • Range:15-18km 9-11Miles
  • Removable battery for airports
  • 85 mm Replaceable Wheels
  • 12S High Voltage and High Efficiency Electronic System with Samsung 21700 40T Battery Cells 12S1P
  • 450W X2 Ultra-High Power Ultra-High Torque Hub Motors
  • Weight 5.8kg/12.8lb

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