Sunday, November 17, 2019

Boosted Board

Review: Boosted Rev by Matthew Vandeputte

The Boosted Rev is San Francisco based Boosted Boards' newest transportation device. It is a dual wheel powered e-scooter with a ton of features. Scooter...

Boosted Rev starts shipping in july

Since the reveal, the release date for the Boosted Rev has been unclear. That changed this week as Boosted has announced that they will...

Boosted Boards launches European tour for Boosted Rev

To promote their new e-scooter, Boosted Boards will be visiting Barcelona, Amsterdam, London and Paris to promote the Boosted Rev and to organize a...

Boosted Boards introduces Boosted Rev e-scooter

Boosted is on a mission to reinvent transportation to be fun, fast, and simple for everyone. Enter: Boosted Rev, their all-new electric scooter. Expect...
Three models of Boosted Boards skateboards

Boosted to offer warranty for 12 months instead of 6

On Tuesday, May 7, Boosted Boards announced the official extension of their skateboard warranty coverage from 6 months to 12 months. The new boosted boards...

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