We stumbled upon a great electric skateboard design made by Industrial designer Jaehyuk Lim. Not only did he create the board from scratch using the Nike aesthetic, he researched a few eskate bottle necks and designed solutions around them.

The concept does not have any specs like speed and range, but it shows great design choices and features like a smart camera system on board to track the road for possible dangers. Bright LED lights on the front and back of the deck. And a big battery below the deck. But his best idea is something outside of the board.

Lim believes that skateboards are efficient devices of personal mobility, but when not in use, riders are relegated to carrying them around in their hands. His solution comes in the form of a backpack. Jaehyuk states that “A lot of people are using Personal Mobility. But when you are not using it, it’s very hard to carry around.” His solution is to use your backpack as a charging hub. Not using the board? Just insert it in the docking tray so it can charge out of sight.

When you docking in ‘Cruiser Backpack’, you can recharge the board.

The Nike board would come in a few different colors. Boasting Nike’s iconic Swoosh on several spots including the center of the wheels, at the nose of the skateboard and on the center of the board platform, this Nike Cruiser Board concept is a device i’m sure all skateboarding enthusiasts would love to get their hands on someday. See more pictures in the gallery below. Would you buy this design?

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