The electric skateboard podcast Fatdaddy sat down with Jason from Enertion. Known for the Raptor and the Focbox Unity. They discuss some interesting topics like build quality and lack of safety with cheaper chinese boards, his forecast on battery capacity and the possible development of a mini board by Enertion.

He also shared that he is shifting his views on how Enertion should operate. Focussing more on collaborating with other brands instead of keeping all the technology exclusively for themselves.

Even through Enertion is having some trouble with their current products and customer support, which they acknowledged and working on improving. We are excited to see what Enertion will bring to the table in the future.

“For the sixth episode of The Fatdaddy Podcast, we have a different kind of episode. We had Jason over at our hotel in Paris during the Electric Skateboard Cup. We spontaneously decided to start recording our conversation. Because of this we only had our camcorder and not our usual Podcast gear.”


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