One of the biggest complaints motorcycle enthusiasts have with electric bikes is the lack of an exhaust note.

Many believe that the soundless ride detracts from the overall experience. Revolt appears to have an interesting solution to this: Its upcoming e-bike – set to launch on June 18 – will have customisable artificial exhaust notes.

The Revolt electric motorcycle will come with a mobile application that will allow you to choose an exhaust note of your preference. In a new teaser video, the company revealed this feature. The rider is seen switching from a high-revving, single-cylinder sound to a four-cylinder one. However, there also appears to be at least two more exhaust notes that have not yet been revealed. The sound will vary based on the speed of the motorcycle and the load the motor is under.

While this feature will most probably fun to play around with, it will have to be seen how well it has been incorporated. The exhaust notes in the videos have most certainly been enhanced.

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